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The King is coming very soon. He is coming to take away his redeemed children to attend the greatest wedding heaven and earth have ever seen. But as in the parable of the ten virgins, many of the people for whom he is coming, have become tired of waiting. Some of them have spoiled the splendid garments of righteousness that they should be wearing with that which God hates most – sin.

Matthew 24:12 says: ‘And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.’ It is unfortunate that a big part of the Church is sleeping and sinning at a time when it should grow in righteousness and watch. Our refusal to heed his warning will not hinder his coming as fixed by the Godhead.

This New Year, the Lord wants you to wake up. To the left and the right your neighbours may be sleeping spiritually, yet you must be wide awake. If you can heed Christ’s warning, you will revive other sleeping believers.

The Lord revealed himself to Abraham as the Almighty God in Genesis 17:1 after 24 years of lukewarmness. He commanded Abraham to get serious and grow in holiness any more. Instead he wants you to get serious and live a life that honours and glorifies his Name every day. You should spend each day as if will come that day.

It is time to take practical steps to move forward in righteousness. This devotional can help you to do exactly that. You can use the TEXT and CONTENT for your morning devotion. During your free period in the afternoon, occupy yourself with the MEMORY VERSE and ACTION POINT assignment. Before going to bed, spend time to read through the portions from the BIBLE IN ONE YEAR.

In addition, try to put every instruction into practice and increase your obedience to God’s word. As you do it, the blessings the Lord has earmarked for you will pursue you and overtake you this year. Your song will change for the better.

The trumpet blast from the archangel may sound any moment. If we do not meet here, I look forward to meeting you in heaven. Be prepared for the rapture and stay that way.

I wish you a happy return of our Lord. Happy New Year.

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